The sick father is very talkative. Every time I go to see him, he will talk for half a day. He said to me, "when you were a child, you had a serious illness and almost died. The doctor said you were hopeless. He was not going to take care of you. He was busy going to fight for personal repair. Your mother can't help coming to me. I'm at work. I'm in a hurry. I ran to the hospital and forced the doctor to save you. I said if you can't save my daughter, I'll fight with you. The doctor was scared. Later he said that he would give you a blood transfusion. I asked the doctor to draw blood without saying anything. At that time, I was just off the night shift. I was dizzy. " Listening to my father's narration, my childhood memories are projected in my mind like a movie: when I was in primary school, my father would pick me up at school every rainy day. I'm afraid that the rain will splash my pants, so I'll carry me all the way home. On the way, he said: "who wants a little girl? My family sells little girls. My daughter is smart and beautiful. Can you buy it? " Lying on my father's back, I shouted: "no, no! If you want to sell, sell your brother. " Then the father said, "your brother's son, nobody wants it!" When he said this, he didn't notice that his brother was walking beside him.